Fans were hoping for a sick Drake show in Amsterdam on Monday (March 27). Instead, they were sent home because the 6 God got sick.

Insiders say that Drizzy suffered from extreme food poisoning just before his Amsterdam concert due to some bad sushi, according to TMZ. It was so intense that it reportedly required medical treatment.

Fans had been waiting in the stands for 75 minutes before the “Boy Meets World” show was canceled. “I’m really sorry to tell you that tonight’s show cannot take place,” a representative said onstage. “Drake got sick. His doctor told him not to perform.”

As the announcement of the cancelation was being made, fans threw items on stage in frustration and anger.

It was Drake’s third postponement in Amsterdam in three months. He will perform tonight, as scheduled, and host a make-up show tomorrow. That will be the final show on this tour.

Despite his illness, Drake has plenty of reasons to celebrate. He’s wrapping up the “Boy Meets World Tour” just as More Life dominates the Billboard 200 while helping him break multiple Hot 100 records.